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Divorce Mediation

Collaborative Law and Divorce

In a collaborative law case, husbands and wives are assistd by trained attorneys to reach a settlement with minimal animosity.  A structured and controlled setting encourages trust and objectivity in negotiating an agreement.  The process requires the parties to agree to settle at the outset.  The collaborative divorce permits the parties and the children move forward in an environment that protects their emotional wellness. 

Published September 22, 2009 by Katherine E. Howes, Esq.

Mediation:  Frequently Asked Questions

Mediation of divorce is the wave of the future.  Mediation is a much healthier process than litigation.  Agreements reached through mediation endure and provide for a much more secure and stable post-divorce era.  At Howes & Howes, I have successfully mediated divorces for many Central Jersey couples, and as a member of the Somerset County Early Settlement Panel, I have helped settle scores of divorce disputes.  What follows are some FAQ on mediation.

Published July 02, 2009 by Katherine E. Howes, Esq.

What is collaborative divorce practice?

As part of my practice, I have been trained in Collaborative Practice.  Collaborative practice is an innovative approach to divorce that keeps the divorce process from tearing apart a family.  In collaborative law, we seek shared solutions that acknowledge the needs and priorities of everyone involved.

Published July 02, 2009 by Katherine E. Howes, Esq.

What does a mediator do?

Mediation of divorces is the wave of the future in New Jersey.  Howes & Howes partner Kathy Howes offers divorce mediation.  Kathy Howes is an experienced divorce mediation and an experienced matrimonial attorney.  She knows the law and understands the human issues of divorce.  Kathy has successfully mediated divorces both as a court appointed mediator and as a private mediator.  This entry explains in a very basic way what a mediator does.

Published July 01, 2009 by Katherine E. Howes, Esq.

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