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New Feature for  NJ Election Law Blog

Howes & Howes has become one of the most active and respected election law firms in the State of New Jersey.  We have been involved in many of the close elections and interesting legal issues in New Jersey in the past decade.  And those that we are not directly involved in, we follow closely.  In our new feature - NJ Election Law Blog - we will publish commentary on current cases and on developments in the law.


Elections provide some of the most fascinating legal issues at Howes & Howes.  Election cases are usually high profile and fast moving.  There are several election cycles throughout the year, and each cycle tends to produce interesting cases, many of which we become involved in.  Generally speaking, the “seasons” of New Jersey elections are as follows:


March:  Filing deadlines for non-partisan municipal races.  These deadlines often produce petition challenges and ballot design (bracketing) issues.
April:  1.) Filing deadlines for party primaries.  These deadlines often produce petition challenges and bracketing issues.  2.) School board elections.  There is usually a school board or budget election that is close enough for a recount or election contest.
May:  Non-partisan municipal elections.  There is often an election close enough for a recount and/or a contest.
June:  1.) Party primaries.  Occasionally there is a primary close enough for a recount and/or a contest.  2.) Filing deadlines for independent candidates.  Independents often draw challenges to the sufficiency of their nominating petitions after the filing deadline.


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