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Howes & Howes Partner Named to Christie Transition Team

At Howes & Howes, we believe in giving back to the community that has supported us so well over the past seventeen years.  By giving service we are giving thanks.  At the same time, we are gaining insight and experience that will help up better serve you.  This week, I was honored as I was chosen to serve as a member of the Transition Team for New Jersey Governor-elect Chris Christie. The photo depicts the Gold Dome of the New Jersey State Capitol.


There will be a new boss under the Gold Dome in Trenton come January 19.  That boss will be former United States Attorney Chris Christie, who was elected Governor of New Jersey on November 3, 2009.  Over the next six weeks, the nascent Christie Administration will be planning on how to hit the ground running once the Governor-elect takes the oath of office.  The group of people who performs this task is known as the Transition Team.

This past week, the Transition Team chose me as a member of the Transition Counsel team. 

What does that mean?  Mr. Christie has split his transition team into several committees, one for each cabinet department.  Each of those committees has a leader and about ten to twelve members.  Each of those teams will examine its department, then provide the administration with information from which the administration will work in its early days. 

In addition to the teams for each department, Mr. Christie has appointed a Transition Counsel team.  The Transition Counsel team is made up of twelve New Jersey lawyers.  We will provide legal assistance and advice to the departmental teams.  We are all volunteers.  We receive no compensation for our service.  What is interesting about the Transition Counsel is that it is comprised of lawyers from small law firms from around the state.  As a group, we will bring a Main Street perspective to our task. 

I am humbled and honored to play even a small part in this transition. 


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