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You can put your kids through college, or you can put your divorce lawyer’s kids through college

Divorce litigation can be nasty and time consuming.  Will you risk compromising your future to win today’s argument?

If you contest every last issue in a divorce, you risk compromising your future to win today’s argument.

Divorce litigation can be nasty and time consuming.  There is no end to the subjects a divorcing couple can turn into a dispute, if they choose.  However, furious, power-driven argument over every last detail is not the best route for every divorce.

While every family is unique, the law anticipates the issues common to divorce.  There are very clear-cut standards for the distribution of assets, child support, alimony and custody and visitation.  The results of most disputed cases fall within a defined area.  And courts readily accept agreements negotiated between divorcing spouses.

So why argue over everything? 

At times, there are unique issues for the court to decide.  An experienced divorce attorney knows what those issues are.  If you dispute petty issues, then you risk losing your credibility when the court has to decide a big issue.  In addition, you risk incurring massive attorneys fees to obtain results similar to those that you could have negotiated. 

If you have children, you risk spending your children’s college tuition on legal fees.

If you are going to divorce, and would like to know how to handle the legal end of the divorce without creating unnecessary acrimony and expense, then you should contact Howes & Howes.


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