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Why did I receive letters from lawyers after I got a traffic summons?

New Jersey law allows attorneys to use direct mail advertising to contact people in need of legal assistance in municipal court.  Howes & Howes uses this method to inform motorists that we specialize in municipal court and are ready to serve them.

One of our common experiences as New Jersey residents is being stopped for a traffic violation.  Even good drivers who have not been stopped in years or even decades are being stopped.  Once a ticket is written it is entered into a statewide database that is used by the courts, by law enforcement and by the M.V.A.  It is a public record.

New Jersey law allows the use of these public records for direct mail advertising.  The New Jersey Supreme Court has authorized attorneys to send Attorney Advertisement letters to motorists who have received summonses.  If you have received such a letter, you are under no obligation to contact an attorney.  However, it may be in your best interest to do so because an experienced municipal court attorney can often achieve a good result for you.

Howes & Howes specializes in municipal court work.  With our combined experience as municipal judge, prosecutors, municipal public defenders and private counsel, we can represent you effectively.  If there is a defense, we can find it.  If there is not a defense, we will tell you.  If we believe that we can not help you, then we will not encourage you to retain us.

There is no obligation.  We do not review any list of names.  The only way that we will know that you have received a ticket is if you contact our office.  The overwhelming majority of people who contact Howes & Howes after receiving an Attorney Advertisement believe that the phone call was worthwhile.


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